Sunday, June 2, 2019

A minimum of 100 words per day challenge (this entire June)

I've decided to write a minimum of 100 words in a day (and also a minimum of 2 minute meditation). Here's what I've written on Jun 1st and 2nd, 2019. The write-ups can be my journal or any random thing. I may not post these everyday but I'll be writing them nevertheless!

I guess I can post them whenever I want. I must admit I kinda got inspired by Preeti Shenoy's blog marathons to do this teeny-tiny challenge to make writing a part of my everyday life.

Another month and I'm right here trying to embrace all of my feelings. Pain, anxiety, enthusiasm, sadness and many more. Today was good, I woke up to a cloudy morning and most of the day was spent in anticipating rain or even a drizzle here and there but there was absolutely nothing.  Every month I set my mantra: be it minimalism or trying to be more mindful of my thoughts and this month it'll be compassion. Compassion for myself and then expand it to all others around me. Accompanied by my mantra are the books that I'm reading: Man's eternal quest and many more are in the queue. I've started reading Man's eternal quest long back but been switching back and forth towards it, it could be that my mind was resisting it a lot. Well, I've been like this for a very long time now: way too enthusiastic about God and when things seem to get a little tricky I slip back into my old way of thinking and feeling. This year, I can say that I've changed a lot. There are still those awful thoughts that haunt me and wake me up from my sleep with anxiousness and a feeling that I can't quite describe. It's a feeling that keeps coming back, it's cyclical. Some days I'm so very happy with life and suddenly I start dreading about the future.   Lately, I've been thinking about the person in my past. I don't want to take his name because when I tried to reach him after a long time through his mother, they've just blocked me on Whatsapp. Well, that's the end of it. Each of us has got our own theory of why that relationship failed. Whenever I'm troubling myself with my own thoughts that's when the compassion will help me in accepting and getting over these things.   Other thing that's bothering me is my hair fall. I could see that I'm balding, right above my forehead I could literally see my hairless scalp. Can I reverse this? I just need to be relaxed and that will solve all of my life problems. I'm calling them problems but are they really problems?   On the work front, I found Shreya to be very understanding of me and I understand her as well. I opened up to her about my past a little bit and there's this rapport between us which is in itself a blessing.  I've decided to write a minimum of a hundred words every day in this month. Of course, meditation has to be done every day from now on wards. I feel like I take meditation for granted, I need to make a deliberate and a conscious effort to know God, or the power that created me. I need to know the truth so that I'll be mentally free of all these material things/world. 

He was desperate to succeed in killing the most wanted in the city, and he was willing to give up anything. Well, almost anything. It all changed when he got to know that he has to give up his family for that. It surprised him that he still cares for them, and can actually go to any length in ensuring their safety. He was not always like this; family didn’t mean a thing when he got to hear things that were not really nice or the way his family members behaved with him.  
Strange that he still cares. Every human is wired to have social relationships, the survival depends on it and perhaps that’s what made him to care. Could it be more? 
(I've written the above stuff as a part of a minimum of 100 words in a day challenge) 

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