Sunday, June 9, 2019


I've been writing all these nine days and thankfully I didn't miss even one day. Below is what I wrote today:


Today I saw the news of Annie Zaidi winning The Nine Dots Prize and I was amazed because I remember attending her writing workshop at British Council. On that day I saw Annie accompanied by Shernaz Patel, the session went well I mean it was again the same things that writers talk about is what she emphasized again and I felt it to be a bit boring. I felt she is another run-of-the-mill type of writer, and now I realize that I judged her wrongly. I read the excerpts of her essay that she submitted to The Nine Dots Prize and it revolved around identity, roots and tracing the origin of our ancestors.

I did one exercise about adjectives in Wren and Martin, read Man’s Eternal Quest and one short story on Airtel books, which is nothing but Juggernaut app. My reading list is just growing and I don’t know if there ever be a break to it. In the background is a cricket match on the TV going on, it’s a match between India and Australia. I was little anxious today as when I tried to sleep in the afternoon I couldn’t, I was still telling myself that I’m responsible for the relationship breaking.

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