Sunday, May 26, 2019

Book review - Grit by Angela Duckworth

Grit by Angela Duckworth

We all have our share of awe and wonder when we see someone achieve something incredible. Most of the times (well, all of the times) we call it talent, that which is in-built and uncommon. Is it important to be talented in order to succeed in life? What's the part that effort plays? I was curious to know these answers myself and I'm glad that I picked up Grit.   

Long before I read this book, I did come across Angela Duckworth's Ted talk and watched it because I had nothing much to do: in short, I didn't really have a full understanding of what she was saying. And it all changed with the book, now I have a clear-cut idea of what it means to be gritty.

The book has done an amazing job in bringing forth the many myths our society is filled with, and what can be done about it. The research that went into it reminded me of the books by Malcolm Gladwell, there are certain areas wherein the research is still work-in-progress or hasn't started yet. The author is quick to make these comments there itself, saving readers from irrelevant assumptions.

Summing up Grit: Fall Seven, Rise Eight is the quote that I can think of and it's also mentioned in the book. It's about doing things that Interest you, and being consistent with the Practice so that you can see a Purpose in it and have immense Hope to achieve it.

This is what the first part of the book talks about, it’s the second part that kept me addicted to it.

It covers How to grow grit? Inside out and outside in. The fact that Angela is a psychologist made it easier for me to rely on the data she presented; the Grit scale that she designed is very pragmatic. It is a reality check that I felt everyone should get. 

My painting published in another blog - I'm so happy!

It just makes me happy when people get to see my paintings.

One of my paintings got published in a blog called 'WEQIP', whose main focus is mental well being.

Do checkout their website: WEQIP

Click on the link below to view my painting :)


Life as they call it!

I’m sitting in the tiny room that I call my own, controlling the urge to switch on the Wi-Fi router. Today, I completed a painting which I did with food and water colors and a bit of a transparent nail polish. I like bringing in different elements in to picture when I paint. These were the food colors that got expired and my mom was about to throw them but I managed to get hold of them. Trust me, these colors are so strong that one has to be very careful while using them. They spread like wildfire!

I read few pages of Man’s Eternal Quest by Paramahansa Yogananda and pondered a little about my life. Yesterday I had been pretty emotional when I spoke to my uncle, who came to my house apart from other two relatives. I broke down in tears saying that I lost interest in marriage and all that. I told him, quite openly that I was in a serious relationship before. He said he wasn’t aware of it at all and then understood my plight. Well, to be very honest even I don’t understand myself anymore. I’m getting out of this ambiguity slowly.

I’ve turned my focus to create something, thanks to Grit that I’m assessing my life right now. I found that writing is my main interest followed by painting. Somehow, photography for which I felt deeply connected now seems like just a passing habit. I just don’t know how to feel about anything in my life right now, the instant attraction that I feel towards people and the way it gets replace with incredible hatred. This has become a vicious cycle and it’s hard to explain it when one doesn’t get the emotional turmoil that I’m going through in my head.

On the work front, I think I’m doing okay. Like I’m still learning a lot and everyday seems to be a challenging one and it literally helps me in coping with whatever that is happening in my personal life. When I did the exercises mentioned in the book Grit, I could see that this was what I needed the most right now. I rated myself on the grit scale and got to know where I stand. To be honest, my grit was the least among all the other available ratings but that book also has ways to develop it, which for me was the silver lining.