Saturday, January 5, 2019

New Year - Be Strong!!

I’m trying to stay calm and nice. Well, I’m doing my best… that’s what I’d like to tell myself. On the very first day of this year I looked at a bird which made my day and when I googled ‘yellow and black Indian bird’ I saw the picture and it read: Indian Golden Oriole. The bird has got a mesmerizing aura; I mean I was awed by the colors. The yellow-golden color with black was striking! I felt blessed to look at that bird. I took it as God’s way of saying that life is going to be a very good one. I trust that gut feeling.

Not only did I get to see an Indian Golden Oriole but also got a job offer at Fortunapix. Good news! There’s one thing that I cannot avoid anymore, and that is my impending marriage. Tomorrow is going to be that day when I’ll be facing a potential marriage prospect. I don’t know how to take it, I did get to see the guy’s picture and somehow I felt I don’t think I want to talk , let alone be with him. My brother’s enthusiasm is irritating me a lot: he’s married and he can be happy with it but he’s not. He is trying his level best to get me hitched (within the caste, of course!).

I just ask myself only one question: what do I want to do at this point of time? Well, I can just act as if I’m interested in marriage for the sake of it but deep down I don’t think I’m really interested in it anymore. Emotionally, I don’t feel like being invested in anyone but myself.