Saturday, November 17, 2018

Politics at Workplace

A deep hatred started to form in my heart for Ak. Though, I personally like him a lot and subconsciously started desiring him, it all now started to clear away and I can see for who he is. A master at playing mind games and manipulation, I don’t know why my heart believes he is an amazing person and blah blah! But now in the past days I’ve seen a change in him, a person who wants to boss around. He is like a chameleon at workplace, changing his shades every now and then with such precision that you don’t even have enough time to digest all that. 

On the other hand, 'S' and her stupid behavior! She can’t even make her decisions and just goes with whatever Ak tells. I thought she is a mature and an intelligent woman but turned out to be an absolute dumbass. From the very first conversation I had with her, she was always gurgling out the words put in her head by others: Sni, Si and now Ak. In the game enters Ni, another person who doesn’t give a shit about anyone and I’ll have to report to her. 

The back to back meetings that happened among AkSni and Ni kept me thinking, when asked Ak keeps his mouth shut. I can feel that he is like a spy in the team, whose job is to give out information to Sni and Ni about the other team members. Ak is well aware of the advantages that he has, and that’s why he can risk playing these shitty games. A big flirt he is! I’ll have to be very careful. 

To be honest, even 'S' is mesmerized by him just like 'B'. They won’t know his games until it’s too late. And what shall I do? Well, if I’m sincere to my duty no one can point a finger at me. The moment I let myself get distracted by these mind games and attitudes of others my work suffers and I don’t want it to be that way. It’s okay to be updated with what’s happening and all but definitely not worth involving oneself in all these. 

I pray to God to give me strength to face all these people day in and day out.