Saturday, November 25, 2017


We are looking for a perfect match for my brother and today it was another house to look at another girl for him. I want him to be happy, so I didn’t create any fuss when I was asked to come. These social gatherings have now become a pain, because I’m conscious of being judged. It’s not like I give a damn but it still gets to you.

Today I woke up at 6:06 a.m and straight away went onto the terrace to walk. Walking is the remedy, it is my elixir now. No matter how lazy I get I don’t want to lose this habit of mine. It has brought peace into my heart and life how can I let go of it?

I have just completed reading ‘On the Open Road’ by Stuti Changle which talks about the start-up culture and the struggles faced by entrepreneurs. It’s a true story and aspiring people can take some insights from it.

The other one was ‘The Boy Who Painted the World’ by Melody J Bremen, this is written for young readers but I read it nevertheless. It was a cute story about an abandoned child who loves painting. Well, age is just a number…if you want to call your inner child just read this one!

I’m so tired of being lonely. It’s unbearable, but what choice do I have? I tell myself that it’s all temporary and it’s just a passing phase. It is not that easy. Everybody is so hell bent on making me dance to their tunes. I’m watching a lot of Brahma Kumari videos, the talks are just amazing. They stress a lot on how to work on yourself rather than point your fingers at others.

Though at times I still complain and whine now I’m able to understand that it’s all in my head. The suffering can disappear if I keep checking my thoughts. Well, it’s a herculean task. But at the same time there’s lot of scope for improvement.

Some things I do not write about but are in my head all the time. It’s time that I pen them down!

Things change, don’t they?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

18-11-2017: Reading and Reading

This week I must say has been quite productive, because I read three books. Of course, on my kindle.

Recently I was searching for Indian authors on kindle and found some new titles written by new authors. I wanted to give them a try; I was not totally disappointed though I felt they could have been a little polished. Kindle is helping me to explore budding authors and since these ebooks are freebies I can get greedy too.

The first one that I read was ‘It Happens’ by Karan Sharma.

It dealt with the age differences in a relationship. This is really a mature subject to talk about and the author did justice to it.

The second one I read was: ‘December to December’ by Debraj Biswal.

It is about first love and I felt it could have been a lot better with a little more thorough editing. Some points the author writes were really good.

The third one and my favorite: ‘The Time Machine’ by H.G.Wells.  Nope he is not an Indian author I was looking for but wanted to read anyways. It was MIND BLOWING!

I remember reading H.G. Wells long back and the book was ‘First Men on the Moon’ and after that I didn’t really pick him until this time when I read him again. His books are magic; I can now fully understand why he is called the father of science fiction. That’s about the books and their magic.

Coming to my life in general I befriended and 2 year (almost) kid named Luv, who is my neighbor Pooja Didi’s son. He is a very mischievous but likes me a lot. I started frequenting his home in the recent times to get away from my loneliness. Luv is in a way helping me to overcome it, he likes playing with balloons and balls nothing else interests him much. His dad is away in Bangalore and his mum works with HDFC Bank at Banjara Hills.

Last Sunday Pooja Didi and I went for shopping, first at Begum Bazaar and then at Sultan Bazaar. Pooja Didi came across as a very lovely person; I enjoyed her company a lot. She loves talking and gets along with almost everyone. Sunday I had a dream which kind of disturbed me to the core. I shall analyze it in detail later on, but I woke up choking and crying.

I’m not taking anything serious as of now; it is high time that I start doing so. Focusing on my strengths is all I can do; this very act is going to save me in my toughest times.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Saturdays and nostalgia

Saturdays for me are magical; it started from my school days.  The school would operate only half-day and the other half would be spent exploring, day dreaming and much more the moment I realize the weekend is near I could feel butterflies in my stomach.

 As I grew up I forgot how I used to enjoy Saturdays, this has to change!

I’ve decided that I’ll be updating my blog every Saturday with all that I’m doing in life: reading, writing, painting and photography. These are things that I now look forward to. Life is now taking a different turn I must say as I’m looking at it in quite a different way. Though, there are times when I’m bored to death, I can see that this time is so precious it’s not going to come back no matter how much ever I crib.

I’m now more open to different things and not just thinking to stick with a career because I studied it. I contemplate about life, beginning and the end trying to come up with some stories to entertain myself. Recently I treated myself with the basic kindle; I did mention it in one of my previous posts.

I had been reading a lot, some of them include:

·         Monsoon Memories
·         Rich Man’s Poor Daughter
·         The Hungry Stones and Other Stories
·         Stories from Tagore

All these books are really good, and especially Tagore’s works are just mind blowing. It was the first time I read ‘Cabuliwallah’, the famous story by this genius and fell in love with it and other stories too. I wonder why I’m unable to come up with something so interesting as his.

Monsoon Memories introduced me to a budding Indian writer Renita D’ Silva, her descriptions of landscape and emotions are just amazing. But the suspense was a little stretched unnecessarily, apart from that it is a commendable debut. Probably, I’ll pick her books in future.

And coming to Ritu sharma’s Rich Man’s Poor Daughter, it made my eyes moist. Whatever she has written is almost every woman’s story, I could relate well to it. It must be read by everyone, not just feminists. Her struggle and the chaos she found herself from the very beginning of her life is so unfair!

There’s a lot to learn from this piece, grab it if you can.

Kindle is helping me to read fresh authors in Indian writing, it’s not like I buy these but they’re available for free. And I wouldn’t miss freebies just like that. J

I’m thinking to review books when I feel like, you got to be a pro to do it but I just want to focus on the emerging ones and keep my review to the positive side with just a teeny-tiny suggestions.

It’s not like I’ve written a book or something but just reviewing as a reader. It will do, won’t it?