Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sporadic art is now available!

In my last post I talked about how I had to delete my 'Sporadic Art' page, but now I'm all ready to take you to a space that has my art in place (that rhymes!). It is a normal blog nothing new or eye-catching about it but it makes me happy!

My Left Hand Art

The name of this blog is a little tongue in cheek because I was often made fun of because of my left handedness. This blog showcases the journey that my left hand took (or going through), my left had has a very low self esteem, after looking back at its journey now it knows that it was all worth it.

Today I did yoga and felt blood reaching to all my body parts, literally. We often forget our body parts and breathing, which are so essential. Yoga brings back all these and much more.

I've treated myself to basic Kindle and I must say it does what it is meant for. Hoping to read more, it doesn't strain your eyes a real treat for a book lover.

And also I started a painting long back, it is still in progress. I take a lot of time for my Paintings unlike free hand drawing that is done within minutes. Yes, I shall upload my latest doodles on My Left Hand Art .

Don't forget to let me know how you felt about it.


Friday, September 15, 2017

Had to delete my page 'Sporadic Art'

The page that I lovingly shared my paintings on had to be deleted, because on Blogger when you start a page you cannot make posts. Instead the same page will stick around and you can only edit that, it seemed a little awkward for me to do that. Because when I added my latest paintings the page was way too long to be scrolled down.

I, myself was going crazy when I was scrolling and scrolling so thought that my paintings must be moved somewhere else where they get rightful attention. I was thinking of venues to display them, the first one that came to my mind was instagram and ended up creating an account but the flip-side of instagram is that you can upload photos only via your smart phone. I saw no option to add the pictures through desktop.

Sigh!! Now do I need to get a smart phone just for that? you've got to be kidding me:-)

I had sold my smart phone in October of 2016 and it'll be almost an year with out it. So, how the hell did I manage?

It wasn't easy of course but surely possible. However, there are few things you can do if you're planning to ditch the smart phone:

1. Only dump your smartphone if you have another gadget that does your work of a smart phone. In my case I had my laptop and trust me I have never really used it that much hitherto but right after getting away from the smart phone I heavily relied on my laptop.

No it wasn't addiction at all, because you cannot use laptop for a longer time hence it made me to log on only when there was a real 'need'.

2. Install Bluestacks, it is a software that does the work of an Android phone. I have Bluestacks on my laptop and I use it for accessing Whatsapp and nothing else. Bluestacks is a little battery sucking software but worth it, given I don't spend much time on whatsapp just to say hi and bye. It works.

3. Right after ceasing to use Smartphone people tend to be on the social sites when browsing on desktop or laptop but they entirely forget logging on to their Net banking sites. On smart phones each bank has an app it is just a tap away.

This must be taken care of, dump these social media sites and remember to access your Net Banking to prevent locking of your account.

4. You must have heard of peer pressure right? it follows you at this stage too: everyone looks at you as an inferior being because you don't own a smartphone. It is difficult, but then again if you notice you are way more calmer than they are, you aren't agitated, impulsive or restless which are the qualities so persistent in people using smartphones.

This is the greatest difference I found in myself.

5. For people in love with clicking pictures get a digital camera, the starting range is 5k change. Trust me, you can click nicer pictures without distractions!

Here's one of many that I clicked using my Nikon Coolpix A 100 Camera:

Don't you dare steal it! It is already on my Shutterstock page.

There were times when I felt like buying a smartphone telling myself that if I could use it in limited way I can be peaceful at the same time. But I know that this won't be the case, since I've completed a year without a smartphone I developed a kind of detachment which can now be tested. I don't know, I have mixed feelings of bringing a smartphone into my life again.

Smartphone is useful I admit, because when I had to travel to a new place I had to write down the directions on a piece of paper and ask people for guidance. Well, instead of guiding me people have replied to check it on the 'maps'. Ha ha...funny!

May be I should wait a little longer, I can see that prices are just going to go down. So why waste money right away? :-P

Jokes apart, do get it if you need it. I don't have the need for now.