Sunday, August 6, 2017

Where did I go? And how to make a career in career gap?

I'm at home, most of the time. No, actually it has been days that I stepped out. These few days were quite liberating in a sense, but also extremely strenuous. I have finally understood what it takes to be yourself and to stand up for what you believe in.

So, what the hell have I exactly done that now I've become preachy?

  1. Came out clean with my choice of life partner. Of course, they (parents) opposed!
  2. I think I have found my spirituality at last.
  3. Doing things that I enjoy. I am currently interning virtually and finding this experience pleasurable.

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Now my spirituality will be my support system. Okay, when I say spirituality a thousand times it doesn't make me spiritual at all. There are so many other things that I need to get rid of before I'm even qualified as a 'spiritual person'. The last book that I read was 'Gora' by Rabindranath Tagore, it is still so relevant and fresh, I thought I might be bored but nothing of that sort happened. I think it is a must read for every Indian, especially now when there is so much of chaos and unrest.

Well, I know the road ahead is not going to be easy in my life now and it gets to me at times. I'm frustrated, hopeless and cantankerous. Would I prefer any other way? No.

This is making me the person I am. I've been broken down many a time, I cried, blamed myself, was depressed most of the time.... but I think this year I have made some decisions in life that I was only dreaming of hitherto.

At present, it is words that are saving my sanity. Reading, writing and introspecting have become my mindful practices. And there are some ideas sprouting up in my mind as well, as to what other things that I can possibly do? trust me, the more I look ....there's always more to discover!

I think now I can give an advice to people, who are on a break from their work. Instead of fretting make the gap in your work bring out the best in you. It has been six months now for me to have been jobless (full-time).

So, what the hell has happened?

First two months went in vain as I tried my level best to get back into the corporate world. I felt lost, as my 'support-system' wasn't supporting. I had cried myself to sleep and woke up crying with the anxiety and worry of not making myself productive.

In the third and fourth months, I got an opportunity as an intern (virtual) and then it was my ex-employer who needed some assistance. I signed up as an e-tutor for an NGO as well. So, at this point I was juggling and had work to do.

Mind you, I had no handsome earnings but just a little to get by. This helped me to get off the habit of being addicted to paycheck. I am now least bothered about money....of course it is tempting but I learned my lesson.

Now in the fifth and sixth months, completed one virtual internship and got an opportunity to continue with them for another three months. Bagged another two virtual internships, so all in all it is three internships, one consultant job and doing my bit for the society as well!

Wow....I, never in my life thought I could feel so fulfilling :-)

It's now I'm aware of the power that gave us life. So folks, please don't fret if you're unable to do something in person anymore, go on and develop your digital profile as most of the recruiters are going to search for you. Internships are valuable, give it a try.

Also keep learning, never you dare quit that habit of yours. I have completed three introductory online classes in 'Writing for the Web', 'HR in the digital age' and 'Foundations of Psychology' from Open2study platform. There are so many mind blowing things you can learn out there, push yourself!

Am I still unemployed? I don't think so ;-)