Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Hero

I have been resisting writing these days, that’s my sign of being depressed. Yes, not to write is the indication for me that again the cycle has started. Cycle of denial and anxiety, which would make me stop, if I’m about to write.

And since I’m writing I think I'm out of it for the umpteenth time. I began doing these exercises given by Leo Babauta about mindfulness and all. I think following his blog and reading regularly helps a ton. Please give it a try if you want to follow a blog which is free of distractions.

Yesterday was very sad. A tiny malnourished puppy showed up at my house but because my mom freaked out and made fuss about it I had to let it go. He was a smart pup I must say, I gave him the bowl of water which is kept outside for birds to quench their thirst and he licked his way till he felt good. Seeing him in that position (his bones were sticking out, I could clearly see his rib cage), I just wanted to keep him with me forever. Again, I was lectured on how those stray dogs are not good at all!

I loved him, totally. I shouldn’t have let him go; by letting him go I just pleased others. I’m an idiot, aren’t I? In his eyes I could see, he trusted me. In fact, he too fell in love with me. And I let go…. May be if it’s meant to be, he’ll come again?

I do hope so.

Yes, I will call him hero.

©Suchitra- 2017