Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Lost Friendship

This week’s dreams are that of lost relations, I dreamed of a friend whom I have removed from my life. The friend who inspired me to write and click photographs, I do miss him but I felt I’m being ignored somehow. The funny part is I never met him and I’m aware that he hardly thinks of me but then, I don’t know this feeling inside me.

In that dream I was thinking of contacting him again make amends of the lost friendship. I wonder at times, was that really friendship or more than that? An admiration of some sort perhaps and of course I was craving for his approval of my writings when he just got married and enjoying a blissful matrimony.

I was expecting so much, perhaps and in order to put an end to it, I removed him from my life. Hence, I can now not expect anything from him. It’s this habit of mine that has left me with not many connections, I don’t understand if I’m not being a part of their life and waiting for them to talk to me or just perhaps greet me, and when this desire is met with a disappointment all I can do is just stop myself from expecting. That’s what I did, I do believe that if I see them on social media time and again I’ll be thinking to contact them again so just removing them seemed a better option than thinking too much. Since it was this person who brought this idea of writing into my mind and photography, which are my favorite past times that I’m unable to switch him off from my life.

I remember when he was married and I sent a really long message for him, telling him how happy I was for him. But I never got any reply, not even a smiley face which he puts so often, at times I think he probably misunderstood me (for we have few differences in opinions). He might assume that I have no value for friendship at all, and after this long time what can I possibly ‘ping’ him about?

Today’s dream was about a bird, a breed named ‘Kanak’. I saw this bird in my dream, it came into my home and my father was holding it in his hands and all I wanted was to click a picture of it with me. Till the end of this dream all I was trying to get is a picture of this unique bird, alas I couldn’t. May be it depicted the friendships that I couldn’t maintain in life, no matter how hard I tried?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Dreams do tell you something....

I’m dreaming a lot these days and making a mental note of them so that I can journal it later on. Today’s dream is not that clear; I guess it was about a ghost. But yesterday’s dream was quite interesting; it is about me organizing a TED talk. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear the candidates talk because of the mosquitoes in the real world! Trust me they just sucked the life out of me.

I guess maintaining journals about our dreams really help. I have started watching many TED talks and secretly nurturing this fantasy that perhaps I would stand in the red circle one day and give a talk. And this fantasy has led to that dream.

The day before yesterday’s one was just an enchanting one; it was straight out from an Aladdin movie for it showed me a castle from afar. The bulbous onion-like structure was upside down and in order to make it blue we need to inject the colors and I’m being handed the wrong one. L

These dreams, strange aren’t they? And if you’re reading this anyone…anywhere please give it a try. Start a dream journal, dreams tells you more than they appear to be, there’s always an underlying element to them. ALWAYS.

May be they’ll end up helping you in some way or the other, if you care to analyze them properly.

Monday, July 18, 2016


I have never written any movie review before and I don't think my post is about that at all. I just came across this movie and these days with the time I'm getting, I am just catching up with movies and stuff like that.

Came across this site which is just amazing !!

It has got varied collections of movies, some which I couldn't find elsewhere I found them here and I'm so glad that I did.

Coming to this movie "9", it just didn't make any sense to me first at all. The opening scene was where a small guy made up of sack wakes up into the world without humans, all he sees are the machines around him.

Ultimately he finds his tribe, and they are called: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 strange isn't it?

All these characters are very interestingly created and they're nothing but the parts of the soul of their creator who invented "Super Brain" (A machine), which in turn becomes corrupted and starts creating havoc.

The creator who is old and not sure about his time left anymore, eventually breaks down his soul into nine parts and finally dies. And now it's up to these nine creations to stop the super-brain, it is exciting and adventurous.

I didn't expect this movie to be so "out-of-the-world".

I wouldn't want to rate any movie but would definitely recommend it to others.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Crazy day...

Today morning I woke up crying because of a dream. I wish this to come true but at the same time it shouldn’t hurt anyone; the dream is basically about the current HR-Executive at Legal Advantage leaving the company and I get to know this through my relatives at Nirmal. Strange isn’t it?

The dream was, I think came out from my extreme desperation to get a job. So in this dream I could see Gunni (One of my cousins) who was talking about this opening at Legal Advantage and how Divya left or being fired (I’m not sure which). But she also said that Mr. Balaji gave her a big lecture about how good I was in that role and she was not living up to it. This is so crazy!

And Gunni tells me to ask Balaji and tells me he’ll be back after two weeks, since he is gone for a vacation. I see a white cat in this dream which is so pristine and beautiful and it was different because its eye lashes were made up of bird feathers, and I see my Aunt (Sanju) talking about the cat.

Well, coming to the reality being jobless is not that easy at all! There is so much happening in your mind that you have to constantly tell yourself that things are going to get better, even if you don’t see that materializing. Yes, you become desperate and think of doing any job that is not even related to your studies.

You resent that friend of yours, who didn’t inform you about her job and start feeling jealous about her. You try to calm and cool but from within it just makes you so mad that you at times feel like killing yourself.

The positive side of it would be I guess we’ll seriously start making ourselves better that is by using all the free courses on the internet which tend to make us more informed about our craft. Not only our craft but we dab in to the other interests of ours like today I have taken out my crayons/color pencils/water colors and all the stuff required to paint. You know to create something in this time of mine.

Other of my interests is writing which I’m planning to do on a daily basis which wouldn’t have been possible without me being jobless. Probably not having a job is letting me to focus on so many other things that are so important in my life. I’m trying to be grateful for this time, have recently started watching movies and I should say I’m quite enjoying it, few of the movies that I watched recently are:

One Day, The Conjuring 1 & 2, Mune: The Guardian of Moon, Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur.

Photos express the best!!!

These are few pics which I took at my home.

 The game of light is just so enthralling­čśŐ

 A pink contrast.