Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Refreshing Ritual

The place which I prefer the most after a long tedious day is the terrace of my home. I retreat there most of the time; it is like a ritual now. And it is where I feel content since I do not hear every day’s “To-Do” list blaring in my head. I drag myself away from the distraction of gizmos and from the monotony which comes with life. It’s my way of becoming sane from insane; curing oneself of the deadliest disease humankind has to face once in a while--- Boredom. Not the boredom of nothing left to do but the boredom of tasks to do when your mind wanders. 
It’s kind of “Me-Time”, if you can call that for this is when I ponder about the way of life and death, true meaning of love, goals and ambitions which we tend to avoid if we are in any other situations. The busyness of life catches up with you so as to blind you from observing the simplest things in life one has to make time for- sunrises, sunsets, twinkling stars at night as if they are seeking your attention, most of the times I would just end up doing “Walking Meditation”, to ease my mind and calm my heart. And the other times I get engrossed in following a flight of the bird, to behold it till I lose the sight of it disappearing behind a tree or it becoming a speck in the sky.
There are many ways to escape from the overwhelming demands of daily routine and retreating to have an intimate time with nature is the most refreshing thing to do, added to that if you can grab a good book then there is no turning back. I believe this sporadic habit of mine has helped and instilled a sense of calmness in me to get back and face the daily routine once again.